Assisting Governance Leadership

For the greater good

The culture and performance of an organisation are set at the top, with accountability, self-awareness, and continual improvement.

An increasing number of Chairs, Mayors and CEs seek guidance and advice, recognising the importance of governance development aimed at better outcomes.

I provide a customised Board or Council Governance Self-Evaluation Tool to assist in this process. This tool recognises your role, how you work together, working in the public realm and understands the political dimension.

A council or a board self-evaluation provides more than just accountability and communication. It offers an opportunity for building the best possible leadership for the district and community. Commitment to quality, excellence and achievement is demonstrated when governance leads by example.

You will be provided with a self-evaluation analysis of their performance, strengths, skills, development areas and group dynamics. This analysis can be used then with Council structures, processes, professional development and understanding.

  • Specialised Diagnostic Tool specifically made for Councils and Not for Profit Boards
    • Aligned to CouncilMark requirements
    • Holds the Council or Board accountable to themselves, the staff and the community
    • Allows for reflection by members on their individual and collective performance
    • Fosters open communication
    • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the individual and the collective
    • Provides a starting point for practical improvements, insight for decision-making and planning.

Research suggests that evaluations start with a review of structures and processes and then move onto the more complex and real ‘Value Added’ part and review the contribution of individual directors and the interpersonal and group dynamics. This is part of the above services.

Further, dissent is common in a local government environment. However, the key is to ensure that dissent is positively managed and that collective values guide the collaborative interactions, and everyone is treated with respect.

I can guide you through LGA meeting procedures, governance structures, documentation, standing orders and the myriad of different planning documents. I have extensive experience in RMA issues, decisions and problem-solving. I understand first-hand the realities of democracy in action and the dynamics of building high performance management teams.

Further aspects of the services I offer include:

  • Polarity Management – learning to manage the polarity of ideas for complex situations, making the most from debate and respectful dissension.