Mediation and Facilitation

A bridge to better

While we all aim for agreement, collaboration and achievement – this is not always easy. There are times either in employment matters, environmental outcomes or civic affairs – when there are tough conversations and decisions to be made.

Times when there are personality clashes between people, dissension in the community or critical difference in a team or group in the workplace and at these times, it is important to make decision and move forward. Often it assists to have an independent person to do this and to follow good processes.

I provide assistance to clients to make these decisions and move forward. This is done wherever possible in a calm and dignified manner, in employment matters, community facilitation or governance interventions.

I am a consultant that assists when times are tough- and stays with the process until resolution is made.

We will structure this to meet your needs, whether it is a one-to-one discussion or facilitating a workshop or public meeting.