Optimising Chief Executve Performance

Better & stronger together

I provide strategic and specialised services to optimise the performance of Chief Executives, enables individuals and governance teams to work better, strive for excellence and achieve their best.

An annual programme (or bespoke approach) is provided to optimise the performance of the Chief Executive and ensures the CE’s efforts are directly related to the Board or Council’s direction, priorities both annually and through the term.

  • Aimed to use personal strengths of the CE optimally within the position
  • That the annual Performance Agreement and KPIs reflect Council/ Board and organisational priorities.
  • That accountability for performance and behaviour (befitting the roles and governance and management) is understood.
  • 360 Feedback is incorporated into review processes if desired.
  • Ensures that the CE and Council relationships and communication processes are a key focal point and part of the regular work environment.
  • Ensures professional development opportunities are provided within the role.
  • Ensures Council has robust processes and documentation in their role as employer.

Let’s talk about what you need to make the most of your performance, relationships and organisational achievement.  I am happy to provide bespoke services with clients in this subject matter, to meet your specific needs.